Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dresses From Forever21

So while I was bored at work on Tuesday I was on the Canadian website for Forever 21 and found two dresses that I like and might consider getting. I'm going to check them out at the store on Friday after I get off work. ^___^ But you see, the things that I like seem to only come in one colour which is black and I want to get more brighter colour dresses for spring/summer. =( I actually just bought a black long maxi dress from Forver 21 two weeks ago, lol. The only reason I want to get these two dresses is because I don't have any in my closet that is in this style otherwise I'd have just pass on getting them. 

I love how this lace floral print dress has pockets! And actually the flowers print on the dress is pink so I guess it's not that black least there's some colour in it! XD 

And this cut-out waist rose print black dress is just so badass that I have to get it! I can pair these with my spikes ankle boots! Omg suddenly I am soooo excited for summer! =D And another great news is that there is a new Forever 21 store opening at the mall nearby my house. OMG YESSS!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED!! I'm going to be going to the store every week (or maybe even everyday? haha) now since the mall is only just a 10 minute walk from my house, LOL! XD

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