Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bloggers and YouTubers in Japan

I have decided to share a post to talk about some bloggers and youtubers in Japan that I have discovered and been following for quite awhile. I have been researching a lot on Japan lately to prepare myself for my Japan trip in October. I'm currently working on a "Japan Guide" booklet with info on some of the places I want to visit, how to get around Japan through trains and buses, shopping guide, food and etc. Having some resources available where you get to read and see what the places look like can be really helpful so you'd know what to expect when you get to Japan and you're not just a lost and clueless puppy trying to find your way, lol. I definitely don't want to be like that on my trip! =P

Japan Lover Me is a great and wonderful blog where you can find all things kawaii, cool and otaku in Japan. The blogger writes very great insightful detail posts with a lot of pictures of the places she has visited in Japan (mostly in Tokyo) and they just make you want to go there sooooo badly! I only just recently discovered this blog while I was doing some research on places I want to visit in Japan and this blog is just way too cute!

Universal Doll is a lovely blog that focuses on Japanese gyaru fashion, cosmetic reviews, hair trends, nail art, Japanese clothing brands, and some travel stories of cute and kawaii shops or restaurants in Japan. It's a great blog to follow if you love Japanese fashion.

Tokyo MoE Style is a really great youtube channel with videos about fashion shops, restaurants, cafes, etc all around Tokyo. Each video is very short (only about 2-3 minutes) but give you enough detail about the places. There is a tour guide in the video (Honda Mana) who is a model from the JELLY fashion magazine. The best thing about the videos on this channel is it has ENGLISH SUBTITLES so you can actually understand what is being said in the videos! Definitely a worth checking out channel if you love Japanese fashion and want to know where to shop for clothes in Japan. =)

Micaela who is a youtube vlogger that I have been following for quite a few years now was an exchange student who studied in Japan. She currently works in Japan now doing various jobs such as modeling, filming travelling videos for Japanese TV, etc. She lives in the city of Fukuoka and often makes videos about the city which seem to be a very nice city in Japan with sunny beaches. She's also Canadian originally from Alberta! She makes videos in both English and Japanese. What I like most about her videos is that they always look so fun and laid back and she's got a great sense of humour too. I'm super envious of her adventurous life in Japan! 

Sharla in Japan is another youtube vlogger who makes videos about her life adventures in Japan. She is also a Canadian exchange student in Japan. From what I've seen from her videos, she lives in Tokyo and mostly vlog about places within Tokyo. She does various videos ranging from how she became an exchange student in Japan, how she studied Japanese and as well as doing reviews on different Japanese food and snacks. I only recently discovered her channel and she seems to be a very fun person to watch so I subscribed to her. Definitely subscribe to her videos if you love Japanese food as she most of her videos are usually about food, lol. XD

What bloggers or youtubers are you following that are in Japan? Comment below and let me know! =) 

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