Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Popteen Hair Inspos

I was going through some hair scans in Popteen and came across some really cute hair styles that I want to try out. 

But firstly I'd need to get a new hair cut and get some bangs for these hair styles. I'm a bit unwilling to cut my hair and have bangs though as I have not had bangs ever since I was 13 years old. I don't know. I've had bangs pretty much all my life up until I was in grade 7 when I finally decided to grow them out. Also, having bangs was not that popular at the time and everyone around me had really long hair with no bangs and they all looked so pretty. I wanted to be pretty like them and I guess I was getting really sick and tired of having bangs almost half my life and I've never had bangs ever since. 

However, my thoughts on bangs seem to have changed in the recent years due the influence of Japanese magazines and tumblr. I'm starting to think maybe having bangs isn't so bad after all and is considering of going back to having bangs again. But I'm afraid that having bangs again would make me look even younger than my actual age. I have people tell me I still look like a teenager when I'm well over that age and sometimes I even get asked to show I.D. when I go out drinking with friends and when I go buy the lottery ticket. (Which you have to be over 18 here in Canada to buy the lottery) It is not fun and rather embarrassing when people have doubts about your age because you look way too young. Although some people tell me I should take it as a compliment for looking younger than my age, lol.

Came across this scan of Kumicky with side sweep bangs that I am considering of getting my hair cut like that. I like that it isn't a "straight bangs" cut which is what I've had half my life and I could always brush my bangs to the side for days when I don't want to have bangs. And because I am afraid the straight bangs cut will make me look two times younger than my age and it's a bit too cute for my liking.

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