Sunday, November 11, 2012

Minnie Mouse Outfit

This was an outfit snap I took awhile back but never had time to post it up until now. Everything is from Forver21. Sweater and skirt!

At times I feel like I'm starting to get too old to wear such cutesy outfit like these. But there's always that inner child in me that comes out once in a while when I feel like being a silly kid again. I also blame it on on the influence of looking at all these Japanese fashion magazines that feature cute Mickey and Minnie wear outfits. They are just TOO CUTE to resist. I've gotten so many compliments when I wear this outfit. Some people tell me I look like I work for Disneyland, lol. I suppose I kind of do. I'm just missing a Minnie Mouse ear headband, haha. I'd totally wear this outfit if I do ever go to Disneyland or Disney World! =)

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