Thursday, June 30, 2016

Snacks from Japan

As promised, I'm back with another Japan post on some snacks that I got and brought back with me. I didn't get to buy as much this time because I didn't have enough luggage space to store them in. Well, I actually still had a lot of storage space left in my check in luggage but I did not want to put them in there as I don't want any of my chocolates and cookies to crush into pieces by the time I get back to Canada. Next time I should just ship them all back to myself like I did last time, lol. 

White Lovers chocolate cookies that I got from the White Lovers Chocolate Factory in Sapporo! Ah, I wish I had bought more boxes of these! I like the milk coconut flavour more than the chocolate. And apparently you can actually buy these at the Narita/Haneda airport too so you don't really need to go all the way out to the White Lovers Chocolate Factory in Hokkaido to get them. But you should still visit the chocolate factory anyway! It is soooo amazing, I want to be back there again! 

More chocolates from the White Lovers Chocolate Factory. I like the Matcha flavour more than the Sakura. The Sakura tasted kind of weird. But you can't go wrong with anything Matcha flavour for sure!

DORAEMON CHOCOLATES from the Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park Gift Shop at the New Chitose airport in Hokkaido. I actually haven't eaten them yet so I don't know what they taste like. I'll come back and edit this post later with more pictures when I actually open the box and eat them, lol. =P

And lastly I picked this up last minute at the airport. It wasn't for me but a souvenir bought for my brother. Plum flavoured sake. It has 18% alcohol in it. I drank a bit of it and it freaking burns your throat!!! So strong!!! 

I'm soooo hungry looking at these pictures now. I wish I had bought more Calbee fries and some Calbee chips home. T____T 

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