Friday, December 7, 2012

My Favourite Winter Boots

Following my last post on YesStyle shoes haul and review, this post will be dedicated to my favourite winter boots! 

I bought these beige fringe boots about 3 years ago and I am still loving them! If you haven't realized already, I tend to have a thing for anything with fringe. I even have a pair of fringe sandals too! I DIY-ed this pair of fringe boots with some feathers at the back (it didn't come with the shoes originally) just simply because I love feathers and because I think feathers are a nice accessory piece that is a great match for the winter. I always get so many compliments from people whenever I wear these boots out and I absolutely love when I walk with these shoes on and the feathers at the back are swaying back and forth that it's just so cute! I'm one of those people who don't like boring things. Everything that I have bought or own, I always like to think of ways of how I can make it look cuter and prettier to suit my own personal unique style. Don't you think adding the feathers make the boots look a whole lot cuter and more unique?! =)

Brown knee high boots that I bought a few years back as well. I also DIY this pair of boots by tying a feather hair accessory around the boots for a more winter look. Just adding a simple hair accessory can change the look of the boots to look more "kawaii". 

Mid-calves black boots with strings at the side. These are my most worn winter boots. They pretty much go with any outfit that I wear and I wear them almost daily!

Side-bow black boots. I love bows! They also have platform heels so it gives me a little height boost. Love how cute and elegant these boots are. 

This is my all time favourite boots to wear in the winter! It's a long over the knee high boots with heels. This pair of boots is like having 10 pair of boots in 1 because you can adjust the length of the boots to any length you want! Isn't that so awesome?! I especially love wearing these boots with dresses because it gives off that elegant sweet look and it also elongate my legs making them look longer. 

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