Thursday, December 27, 2012

Japanese Roomwear: Only Heart Knit Sweater

Sorry for the lack of updates! (シ_ _)シ The holidays has been making me busy although I am mostly doing nothing at home but being lazy all day and sleeping in. The best way to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays ever! o((*^▽^*))o I am going to miss these relaxing lazy days when I have to return back to my boring work life that I dread so much and my endless job search for a new job. I'm really hoping that I can find a new job in the up coming new year of 2013 before March. Maybe the new year will bring me some good luck and fortune, lol. *Crossing my fingers*  

Since I'm actually home most of time so I can't really do any outfit of the day post as I haven't stepped out of the house for almost the whole past entire week. So instead I've been making an effort to take some outfit snaps of what I actually wear at home. I call it the "cute and cozy" roomwear inspired by roomwear coordinates that I saw in Japanese fashion magazines. The concept and idea is very simple. It's basically just wearing anything that is loose or oversize and comfortable to laze around the house in but still remaining to look cute. So I picked out a loose-fitted knit sweater top with some basic denim shorts and a cute pair of leopard print slippers. A simple but yet cute and casual coordinate that's perfect for those stay at home lazy days. (◕‿◕✿)

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