Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ray October 2013 Fall Outfit Snaps

Sorry for not blogging in so long again. I have been meaning to make more blog posts but I cut my finger 2 weeks ago while cutting up potatoes for dinner one night and it was a pretty deep cut. I cut off a chunk of meat and skin from my middle finger on my left hand and I had to wrap it with bandages and apply polysporin until it is fully healed. I had to wash my face and hair with one hand too and I felt so disabled! >__< 

Another reason being is I recently started a part-time temporary job. Luckily my job doesn't require me to do much typing work on the computer otherwise I'd have felt even more disabled with my injured finger. Anyway, I have been itching to go shop for some new fall clothes but I haven't got paid from work yet and I'm currently too broke to buy anything. T_T I can't wait until I get paid so I can go shopping again! 

Sharing some outfits from Ray's October issue that I like because I need some fashion inspiration.

Of course Ray wouldn't be Ray if there isn't Karina in there. She totally owns this magazine!

I like how although the drama SUMMER NUDE is over. They still included some snippets of Karina with the cast when she was filming the drama.

Fall makeup. It's all about the lips and neutral brown eye make. 

Just when I'm not too sure about whether I should be wearing colours for the fall as when we think of fall, the theme colours are always either black, white or grey. Sometimes I find these 3 colours a bit too plain and boring but I also don't know how I can transition bright colour summer clothes into the fall season for a pop of colour. These pink and blue outfits are just perfect! 

More ways of how you can incorporate some colour into your fall outfits!

Layering tops over your summer dresses and you wouldn't need to buy skirts for fall. 

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