Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kanno Yui Crayme Summer Collection

I haven't been blogging as often as I used to and I really want to get back to blogging on a regular frequent basis again but I have just been really busy lately trying to organize and plan for my Japan trip. I'm currently still working on my travel guide booklet which I have printed out all information on how to get to all the places I want to visit, admission/ticket prices, hours of operation and etc. I'm about almost done completing it, there are just a few more things I need to print. I'm trying to get it all done before this month ends so I know I am all set for my trip. Never would I have thought planning for a trip to Japan requires sooooo much work but I'd rather be prepared and maximize my time there to get everything I want to do done with no regrets! Gotta make my trip worthwhile! Even though I probably plan on returning back to Japan for a 2nd time in a year after my first trip but still gotta make my first trip the best ever! =)

Anyway, today I wanted to blog about one of my favourite model from the Popteen fashion magazine, Kanno Yui (菅野結以) She's a model with quite a special charm and she's super cute. She's got that natural sweet and innocent angelic pretty look and what I like most about her is she makes wearing circle lenses so natural and pretty! It's like as if she's not even wearing circle lenses because she makes them look so natural! I love her eyes. They look so bright and full of 靈氣 like a sweet child. Yui owns a fashion brand called "Crayme" and these are some styling photos she did for her summer collection. I quite like the theme she did for each outfit look and it inspires and makes me want to do a fashion/photography photoshoot with a similar theme too. 

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