Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Outfit: Off-Shoulder Tie-Sleeve Top

Today is the first day of fall and I have been waiting for fall to arrive for so long! Summer was good but I have never really been a summer person, especially when it comes to fashion because I simply LOVE layering and it is often too hot to wear layers of clothes in the summer. So I'm very excited for fall to come because I can now wear my fall jackets and coats and sweaters and wear different tights and stockings to match with my outfits. Fall also allows to wear my tattoo tights more often and here's an outfit I put together featuring one of my favourite pair of tattoo tights. 

Outfit details:

Bowler hat from eBay

Off-shoulder tie-sleeve blouse from YesStyle

Skirt from H&M
Jewelry design tattoo tights from eBay
Boots from YesStyle

A few weeks ago, I was so excited for fall that I started making a list of different outfits with clothes that I have in my wardrobe. A lot of the times, I often buy clothes home and somehow end up not wearing them because 1) I either have nothing to match them with 2) I simply forget that I even have them in my closet. So a few weeks ago, while I was still rearranging the new furnitures I got for my room and organizing all my stuff, I also decided to reorganize my closet and pack away all my summer clothes. I realized that I actually have soooo many basic items that I can work with to incorporate into many different outfits. I came up with a list of over 20+ different outfits that I can wear and now I don't think I need to even shop for new clothes, lol. But of course, I will still shop for newer style of clothes that I do not own from time to time. XD But my main focus is to try to save money and work with what I already have. I also realize as I get older, my personal style has just become more "simple" and I prefer to buy more classic piece items where I can mix and match with easily to wear them over and over again as oppose to buying one time items that are only good to wear for certain occasions. Sometimes a basic item is all that you need to make an outfit work and I keep reminding myself whenever I go shopping now that I need to shop for more basic and timeless classic items that can be worn throughout time and still be stylish and fashionable. 

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