Friday, January 15, 2016

Ghibli Museum Gift Shop & Purchases

I actually don't have pictures of the actual gift shop at the Ghibli Museum because it was very small and crowded with many people inside and there was barely any space for me to walk so forget about taking pictures. Plus people were always in my way whenever I was trying to look at what items to buy. (-___-")

I got these really cute little decorations which includes a post card, some stickers, flags for food and a pop-up artwork. 

I also got these 3 books from the book store they had at the museum and let me just say it was the best thing I bought because what the books contain is beyond anything that can be captured by my camera. It also includes some interviews with Miyazaki Hayao and very interesting trivia facts about the museum, how he came up with the design and concept, how it was built and the history and meaning behind it. It is in both Japanese and English. I learned so much that I didn't know about the museum prior to visiting and I'm so glad that I have bought this book. It also includes many pictures of what is inside the museum throughout the years so I could always look back on it to refresh my memory of my visit and time there. 

Representative things around the museum from the Studio Ghibli movies.

Some snippet photos of what is inside the museum of the exhibition rooms and the Saturn Theatre. 

A timeline history of some of the animated short films that was shown exclusively only at the theatre in the museum. 

Scenery of what the museum looks like during the different seasons. I'd love to go back to visit again during the four seasons! Sadly there was no fall leaves yet when I went in October. Perhaps in November? 

My happy little Totoro family! I just had to buy all 3 Totoros including the cat bus. Although to be honest, I actually found the quality of the stuffed toys to be not as great as I have expected, despite them being from the museum gift shop. Not to mention they were also quite expensive. I'd highly recommend buying stuffed toys and small figure decorations at other places such as Kiddyland where the quality seems to be much better and price is cheaper too. 

The last thing I got myself was a 1000 piece puzzle of My Neighbour Totoro. I started putting the puzzle together a few months ago but still haven't completed it. Planning to frame it and put it up on my wall in my room when it is completed. =) 

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