Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Yamapi 10th Year Solo Debut Anniversary!


Today marks the 10th year of Yamapi debuting as a solo artist and is also the day when he released his very first own solo single Daite Senorita 10 years ago. I can't believe it has already been 10 years! I still recall the very first time I watched his Daite Senorita music video and receiving my Daite Senorita CDs on my birthday 10 years ago. I was beyond happy and excited to receive them. This also marks my 10th year of being a Yamapi fan as well. 

My favourite part from the music video. Yamapi licking his sexy lips! 

My Daite Senorita CDs that are still kept in new condition I bought 10 years ago, lol.

I was actually just watching his music video the other day and feeling soooo nostalgic about it. I can't believe 10 years have passed by so fast! Thank you, Yamapi, for the 10 years of joy and happiness. I have never been proud to be any idol's fan than being a fan of yours. Through these 10 years, you and I have both grown a lot and gone through many experiences. It feels as if we have both been growing up together, isn't that quite a strange but yet amazing experience? To be able to grow with your own favourite idol in this world? There are times when I felt sad, lonely, lost and depressed in life and watching you and how hard you work to overcome any obstacles thrown at you gave me hope and inspiration to do better myself and become a better and stronger person. You have encouraged me a lot through your interviews, dramas, music and you just being the wonderful and most amazing person you are. Thank you, Yamapi, for being in my life. I cannot possibly even imagine what my life would have been without you in it. I'm glad I have come to know you and been a fan of yours for these 10 years and I will continue to be a fan for as long as I can. I really hope to meet you in person one day and watch your concert. I strongly believe that day will come and I will wait patiently for it to happen. =)

And omg I am still so bitter and sad that I actually didn't get to catch any advertisements of him while I was in Japan a couple weeks back. AHHHH. They have removed all his advertisements! I couldn't even get to watch his movie Terraformars because it was not playing at the Toho Cinemas theatre I went to in Shibuya. (TT______TT) I was beyond devastated! I was literally soooooo sad during my entire trip because of the lack of Yamapi things I saw. I was too spoiled on my first trip to Japan because I got to see him in sooooo many places. But this time around I got to see him close to ZERO in all the places I have went to. 

Anyway, to end this on a happier note, here's my all time favourite performance of his when he sang LOVE CHASE and Daite Senorita on the HEY!HEY!HEY! special. I LOVE his outfit and those awesome nice sneakers he's wearing!

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