Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Otaru Music Box Museum: Antique Museum

Continuing from my last post, this post will be about the 2nd music box museum hall in Otaru city which is known as the antique museum. Just like the name, the music boxes sold at this museum hall is more of the antique and elegant style and is also in higher quality.

These Japanese rabbits are my favourite. They're so pretty and elegant with the rabbits wearing the traditional Japanese kimonos. 

I also really like these beautiful antique style music boxes that you can also use as a jewelry box. They'd actually make a great souvenir gift! 

My 2nd favourite are these carousel music boxes. They're so elegant and nostalgic that it immediately makes me remember what it's like riding the carousel as a kid and the happy memories.

Aside from music boxes, this hall also sells some pretty and fancy style picture frames as well.

Please read my previous post to find out more information about the first music box hall - main building and directions on how to get there. My next post will be on the Yume no Oto "Character House" so stay tuned and look forward to that! 

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