Thursday, August 16, 2018

Japanese Store: ITS' DEMO

ITS' DEMO is a new type of fashion convenience store that sell cute makeup, accessories, stationary and even clothing for office working women who want to make their life cuter. There are over 51 stores in Japan and the store often sell special edition character theme makeup products such as Sailormoon, Pokemon, Peko-chan, Little Twin Stars and Disney characters. 

When I was in Tokyo, I visited the one in Shibuya which has 2 floors. The first floor is mostly character theme makeup and stationary stuff and the lower floor in the basement sells regular brand makeup and cosmetics that you can also find in other drug stores. It's a really cute and fun shop to check out. 

The Sailormoon products were so popular that a lot of the items were out of stock!

Cute Little Twin Stars and My Melody stationary and iphone cases.

Disney edition of the popular 1 day tattoo eyeliners.

Cute Disney character face powders.

More Disney products!

Check out their official website to learn more about the store and see other items that they sell at the store. 

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