Friday, October 26, 2018

Review: Robo Sushi

I was on blogto at work one day and discovered this new all you can eat sushi placed called Robo Sushi and it looked really interesting and unique that I had to go try it. Robo Sushi is the first restaurant in the country where hostesses and serves are robots on wheels. The robots are also manufactured and shipped all the way from Japan!  

The robot actually takes you to your table and it shows a picture of you following the robot on the screen at the top of its head which I thought was really cute and cool! 

It was near Halloween when I went so they had Halloween decorations all around the restaurant.

You order everything on the ipad menu and they have a pretty good wide selection of food to choose from: sashimi, hand roll, dessert and salad, and even Chinese food like dim sum. Although I don't recommend getting it as it was not good at all. I'd recommend sticking to the sushi instead. It's all you can eat and you can always order more after submitting your order. However, they do have a rule of charging you $1 per piece for anything that you don't finish as to not waste food. My friends and I were super paranoid so we were extremely cautious not to order too much that we couldn't finish it all. But each plate only comes with a few pieces so it's a good way to try a bit of everything and not feel too full from it. You also get 10% off discount if you pay with cash too!  

The food is delivered on a robot and you tap its head to send it off after picking up your plate. It was really hard to take pictures of the robots because they come and go so fast and I was too busy eating and talking to my friends to snap a picture every time it came by. 

This was my FAVOURITE plate. Mango sushi. Definitely recommend getting it. It was also beautifully placed and presented on the plate too. 

Overall I had a pretty good experience eating at this restaurant and I'd want to go back again for lunch another time and I'm sure they'd have different things on the menu for lunch. The space was also really big and spacious too which makes it a very comfortable place to eat with family and friends. 

Address: 865 York Mills Road #9, North York, ON M3B 1Y6

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