Monday, September 16, 2019

Crazy Crepes in Toronto

I read about this new Japanese crepes place opening on Yonge and College and decided to try it out with a friend. It is popular Japanese crepes chain originated from Japan but I've actually never seen or heard of them before when visiting Japan. 

You can eat in or grab and go and they even have the fake food sample of all the different variety of flavours they have displayed in the window outside of the shop just like they do in Japan.

The interior design has this cute blue and pink merry-go-round theme that makes it seems like you've stepped in a happy wonderland and it is perfect for instagram photos. I also love how they have this cute big teddy bear with a driver's license. How cute! 

What I also really like is how they have these cone holders at the table to hold your crepes so you can eat at ease without making a mess. My friend got the mango cream fresh cream and I got went the classic strawberry and bananas fresh cream with green tea ice cream. 

Overall it is a pretty cute and cozy place to eat at but a bit on the pricey end with crepes ranging from $8-12. 

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