Saturday, December 21, 2019

Canada's Wonderland WinterFest

When I read about how Canada's Wonderland was hosting a WinterFest, I was super excited and looking forward to go. But it was extremely hard to take good pictures because I went on a Saturday and it was very crowded everywhere you go. Plus I only brought my phone with me and my battery was running low and I needed to charge it with a power bank. A lot of the light decorations looked much better in videos than in pictures. 

Pretty waterfall with lights. 

There are many different attractions with all sort of activities you can do which include live entertainment, shopping, rides and more. I have to say Planet Snoopy at the kids section was the best highlight at the park. The light decorations there was so much more colourful and pretty compared to the rest of the themed areas at the park. Definitely check it out if you go. 

The festival runs from November 22 - December 31, 2019. One-day ticket pass is about $24 for adults. 

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