Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer At High Park

The place that I've been spending the most time or frequent visit to this summer is probably at High Park. I think I'd be visiting there even more when autumn comes. Here are some photos I took on the iPhone while walking and exploring the park. 

This is during my most recent visit where my friend and I had a picnic lunch at the park. I made baked chicken wings, temari-sushi and my friend brought some vitasoy drinks, macarons, fruits salad and cake for dessert. 

Later in the evening, we had dinner at a restaurant in the park. I had Mediterranean pasta with tomato sauce, carrots, olives, cheese and red peppers with garlic bread. 

Small waterfall at a river pond underneath a bridge at the park.

We also took a visit to the mini zoo at the park. This was the wooden stairway path to the zoo that was a pretty long walk down. 

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