Saturday, August 25, 2012

Japanese Restaurant: Guu Sakabar

Recently went to Guu Sakabar for the second again this Friday because a friend of mine has never been there before and she wanted to experience what it's like. 

Guu Sakabar is basically a Japanese traditional bar house kind of restaurant. It is built in an austere brick wall outside with the look and feel of a sophisticated bunker. It doesn't serve food like sushi or bento boxes like many other common Japanese restaurants do such as Sushi Time. Instead they serve a variety of small appetizers type of food. They also carry a range of different alcohol drinks such as wine, shochu, cocktails and other drinks. View their complete menu here. However, one thing you should know about going to Guu is that it can get extremely loud in there as it feels kind of like a "party" with all the chefs and staffs who work there that greet you in a loud and screaming voice. So it's definitely not a place where you could sit down and have a quiet conversation with your friends. lol. They also have a photo contest where you can take pictures of yourself eating at the restaurant and post them onto their facebook page and the chosen winner could win a $100 certificate to be used at the restaurant. Guu currently has two locations in downtown Toronto and 6 other locations in Vancouver. View location details here

This was a picture taken at my first visit to Guu located on 559 Bloor Street West. All their furnitures in the entire restaurant is made out of wood. They have a bar counter table at the front of the restaurant when you first enter with high wooden chairs and many other big wood tables set on the left side of the restaurant with lower wooden chairs. I sat at a big table with the lower chairs on my first visit and it was slightly kind of uncomfortable since there is not really any space or place where you could hang your jackets or put your bag/purse aside to other than actually putting them on the ground. So it's kind of inconvenient and rather a bit of a hassle.

On my second visit, my friend actually wanted to try sitting on the "traditional" Japanese style tables which is actually on the right side of the restaurant. It is actually slightly on a higher level than the left side of the restaurant in the first picture and there is a wooden shoes cabinet at the front for you to put your shoes in. You take your shoes off to sit on this side of the restaurant. I personally like sitting on this traditional style side of the restaurant more because it has more room and space for you to put your bags and jackets aside and not have to worry about them getting dirtied on the ground. It also helps that they have seat mats too so you're not sitting on hard wood the whole time which can be a little pain in the butt, lol. 

Matcha Coco cocktail drink that I ordered that contains malibu, whipped cream, and milk. 

Kimono Bibimbap. Rice, mushrooms & cheese w/ seaweed sauce in sizzling stone bowl.  

Karaage. Deep fried soy sauce marinated chicken served w/ garlic mayo. 

Okonomiyaki. Deep fried Japanese pancake w/ squid, tonkatsu sauce & karashi mayo. 

We end our meal with Roasted green tea cheese cake for dessert. 


  1. Hi hi! So you've moved eh?! Now I have to make an extra effort to see your posts dear~! ^^ Don't forget to drop me a line or two in LJ ok?! You know I don't blog as well, but I'm around.

    I have recently been to 2 other izakayas (DonDon and Fin). I think they're owned by the same people. I really like both of them. You might wanna check it out next time.

    So how are things with you? Haven't seen you for a while now. I hope everything works out for you and your family. (*^_^*)

    1. Yes, I moved because I needed a new blog where I could blog better and livejournal was just not providing me with the features that I want. I will still be around on LJ though because that's where all the Yamapi goodies are, hahaha. XD

      Oh, I've heard DonDon but I don't think I have ever been there before. Maybe we could go there next time for dinner. I can't go now though because I spent a lot of money these past few weeks so I gotta watch my spending and use money wisely, lol. Maybe in a few weeks I'll have more money to go out. =)

      Things are getting a little better for my family now. Actually both my parents went on vacation to Bahamas 2 weeks ago and they just came back last week! I wish I had money to go on vacation too. =(

    2. I'm glad to hear that your parents are doing good. Bahamas? That's nice. I've never been there before. But then again, I'm not quite a beach person, so I'll stick with Japan for now. :P

      Yeah, I really like DonDon very much. We should go there next time. No rush my dear. I'll wait for you. ^^

    3. Yes, I don't like beach/hot places too. They actually asked me to go with them but I refused to go. They went on a boat cruise to Bahamas too and I'm not good with water, lol.

      Okay. I will let you know when I have money to eat out again. XD

  2. Sure thing! I need to save money on my trip too! (*^_^*)

  3. In this Nov. Where else will I be going??

  4. Just found this article saying Sony is not releasing the NEX-5R in Japan yet. Oh well...


    1. Well, it's not going to be released in the U.S. until October so maybe Sony in Japan is releasing it then? But it is quite strange how Sony in Japan hasn't released it yet. Thanks for the info anyway!

    2. I think Sony is either cooking up something even better right now or they're trying to avoid going head on with Canon in Japan this fall.


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