Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Canadian National Exhibition

Ending my summer by going to The Canadian National Exhibition.

Outfit snap that I took a few weeks back. Comfy casual summer wear. I actually wore the same outfit to CNE on labour day. It was extremely hot and sunny out that day! I had to keep reapplying sunscreen throughout the day to make sure I don't get a tan, lol. 

Finally got to ride on the skyride. This was probably the best moment of my day spent at CNE and it is also the main reason why I wanted to go there. =)

Yummy delicious funnel cake with cheeries and ice cream! This funnel cake was so expensive, $10 for one but it was so yummy!

Saw these really cute banana monkey stuffed toys at one of the games. THEY ARE SO CUTE! I actually wanted to win one and bring it home, lol. 

Some random snapshots I took while I was up on the skyride. 

Went to this place at the Green Energy Building where they had some really cool and awesome sand sculptures. 


  1. Oh! Funnel cake!! I've always wanted to have funnel cake. It's just that I can't finish it by myself and I also hardly go to the EX or Wonderland, etc to have it.....

    Hey girl! You know Sony has just announced a NEX-6 coming out? So this why they're not selling 5R in Japan! Check this out:

    1. Yeah I hardly go to The Ex or Wonderland to have funnel cake too so this year was my only chance of eating it. I think it has probably been more than 3 years since I last had funnel cake, lol.

      Oh really? Is that why? The NEX-6 looks really cool but woah so expensive at $999! I have no money for that so I guess I will stick to the 5R. XD Thanks for the link though!


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