Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New York Trip Day 2: Brooklyn Bridge And Forever 21

I'm starting to forget what I did on my second day in New York as I am blogging this even though it was only just a week ago. Talk about having a short memory huh? Or maybe I am just getting too old to remember things now. lol. T_T

For our second day in New York, we went on a bus tour called "A slice of Brooklyn pizza tour" which we have already booked online before our trip. Basically it was a tour where we got to see all around Brooklyn and the Brooklyn bridge. We also got to see places where some movie scenes were filmed in Brooklyn as well as some houses that were used in movies and houses bought by famous celebrities. I didn't get to take any pictures of all this because we were on a bus and it was constantly moving all the time that it was really difficult to take any good pictures. But it wasn't anything special, just you know ordinary luxury looking houses that you'd see in movies.  

The Brooklyn Bridge! I managed to take a shot of this without all the tourists and people in it. Seriously there was people everywhere and I just wanted a nice shot of the bridge and city view alone. Soooo happy that I got this clean shot! 

And I didn't realize this until I got home later but this was the exact same view of the Brooklyn bridge in Yamapi's Loveless PV! Oh, I just love referencing everything to him, hahaha. =P Totally not planned for and merely happened by coincidence, lol. But well I guess there isn't many places in Brooklyn where you'd get to see the best view of the Brooklyn bridge like this. 

This tour was called "A slice of Brooklyn pizza tour" for a reason. Other than getting a tour of Brooklyn and seeing the Brooklyn bridge, we also got to eat pizza at one of the best pizza places in Brooklyn at Grimaldi's.  The pizza was really good and I'd definitely want to go back for some more. I like how it was made very thin, very different from the "thick" pizzas you normally get. We got drinks and 2 slices of pizza included in our tour so we didn't have to pay extra for it. 

After the pizza tour we also went to the Coney Island broadwalk where there was a small amusement park with rides. It was such a nice sunny day that day. Perfect for the beach! 

After the pizza tour at Brooklyn, we headed back to Times Square for some more shopping at Forever 21. I took these images from google because I forgot to take pictures while I was at the store and there was just way too many people to take a clear shot of the store itself. One of the prettiest Forever 21 store I have ever been to and what's even more awesome is it has 4 floors! So for all the Forever 21 lovers out there, definitely check this store out in Times Square. We spent about 2 hours shopping there. I didn't really get to buy much there though, only bought 2 things because most things I want didn't have my size. =( 

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