Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Boobs Fat Problem

I've been contemplating for awhile whether if I should make this post private or public since it's kind of a personal topic. But then I thought maybe I could find help to resolve "boobs fat" issue that I have been very self-conscious about. And maybe some of my female readers can relate to how I feel or who possibly might have the same problem. I'm not so sure what this might pertain for my male readers though...if there are any lurking around my blog. Maybe it can enlighten you to know that girls can have such problems? 

So it never really occurred to me that I have a lot of "boobs fat" until in the recent 4-5 years when I started to develop a high interest in fashion and clothes. And I have never really paid much attention to my boobs size and taking proper care for them such as making sure that I'm wearing the right bra or how to make them more appealing and etc. I guess I was still too young at the time to care and I've always been a very conservative person. I wasn't into wearing sexy revealing clothes so there was never a need for me to care about how my boobs look. As long as I have a bra on that would cover up my boobies then there's no need to worry. Never would I have thought that because of my lack of care and interest in my my boobs have caused me now to have so much boobs fat that is sooooooo not appealing. Also nobody really told me how to properly wear a bra. My mom just gave me a bunch of bras to wear when I was about 13 or 14 and kind of left me to figure out things on my own.

I may appear to be a skinny person to my friends and most people I know and like most people, you'd assume skinny people would most likely have small boobs. Well, that's not really the case for me. I wouldn't say my boobs are big but I guess they're in the average size range? But honestly if I had a choice I would really wish they're a cup size smaller. I know this might sound crazy to some girls like who wouldn't want to have bigger boobs?!?! Not me! I've always found girls with small boobs much more attractive than girls who have really big boobs. Everyone has their own preferences. I'm just not a fan of big boobs.

Now on to the main point, so what exactly is my problem? Apparently I never knew how to properly wear a bra or what you should be doing when putting one on until I watched these Chinese movies and shows that talk about the importance of wearing a bra. The first rule is you should adjust your bra strap at the right length so that it's not too tight or too lose but just enough that you can fit about 1-2 fingers in between your bra strap from your shoulders. The second rule is after putting your bra on, you should slightly bend your body forward and place your hand in between your bra and grab all the meat from your back and slowly push it forward to the front so that it fills in the empty space between your bra and your boobs. You repeat doing this several times until you fill up the empty spaces of your bra so that it wraps around your boobs completely. By doing so you'll have a beautiful straight chest line underneath your arms with no fat/meat sticking out...which is exactly what I have because I never bothered to do this. I tried doing this a few times and have noticed a big difference, but when I do this it makes my boobs appear bigger with a cleavage and then I stop doing it because I don't want my boobs to be bigger than what they are now. I mean unless I'm wearing a bikini, then yes big boobs would look nice and sexy. But I don't like it when I'm wearing normal clothes like a really cute dress or top and my boobs become the main focus and it makes my outfit a whole lot less cute. I don't know. Perhaps I'm just weird but I do find cleavage attractive on other people. If I see someone on the bus or TV with nice cleavage, I'd stare and look too and I definitely think it's sexy. But when I see it on my own body, it's just NOT attractive at all because I only want to look cute in clothes and not sexy. You feel my complicated feels?!?! 

I mean why can't my chest look like this in the pictures above. No fat and just small boobies. T_______T I envy girls with this kind of body shape so much! 

My boobs fat problem isn't so obvious except when I wear tight tube dresses where you see all the fat squeezing out from the side of my chest and my arms. Sooooooo not attractive! Also I feel that because of my neglect care to fix this issue over the years of my teenage to adulthood life, it has caused my body to develop fat in other parts of my body such as my back, shoulders and upper arms. So when I wear sleeveless tube dresses, my upper body can sometimes appear to be rather bulky and big as compared to the small frame of my lower body and it makes me look like I have a man's body and really I just want to look more feminine. =( 

This problem of mine never bothered me all that much until in the recent year or so and I just really want to get it fixed somehow so that I can improve my overall body appearance. This means starting to actually wear and put a bra on properly and doing diet and exercises to get the body shape that I want. And while I was browsing through YesStyle a few weeks ago, I happen to find these shape wear tank tops that would hopefully help resolve my problem.

I got this body shape wear tank top that will help target to get rid of all the fat issues that I have. I also like how it helps to get rid of that belly fat problem (which I also have) due to working in an office environment where I am required to sit for a long period of time. My stomach is only flat when I wake up in the morning and it feels bloated throughout the day when I'm at work. T_T 

And I also got this other body shape wear tank top that will help to target other parts of my body such as my back and hips! Got these on sale with my 10% discount and hoping they'll work. 

Why is it so hard to be a girl? It already cost soooooo much for girls to buy bras and yet we need to spend more money on other things to obtain the ideal body shape we want to have? This is why a girl is forever broke in their life. T____T

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