Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter Cardigans

I have been sooooo busy with life that I have no time for my blog anymore.

Recently started another new job last week because my current one on contract ended and I've been so overwhelmed with training that I'm so exhausted to do anything after I come home every night. I'm looking forward to have a nice long break for the x'mas holiday already!

We're heading into the month of December now and the weather is getting colder. This is when I'm glad to have my winter cardigans to help keep me warm because I don't really have a thick enough winter jacket so I usually end up wearing layers upon layers to keep myself warm. I bought these cardigans a few years back and I'm so glad that I did because they are truly a life saver during the cold winter we have here in Canada. I don't know how I will survive the cold Canadian winter without them. >__<

I got this all white cardigan from YesStyle. It's really thick (one of the thickest cardigans that I own) with rabbit furs so it's super warm! I wear it with another jacket over and it keeps warm when it's like -30 to -40 degree outside. Yes, it can get this cold in Canada where I live. This is why I dread winter so much and especially since I don't have good blood circulation so I tend to feel cold very easily! 

I also got this pink fleece cardigan from YesStyle. It's not as thick as the white one with rabbit furs but it's still good enough to keep me warm. I love how you can also wear this cardigan over a dress to stay warm and still look cute.

The last grey cardigan I got from Japan through nissen which is a website that sells clothing in Japan. It is not as thick as the white rabbit fur one but it's still warm to wear when it's -15 to -20 degree outside layered with a light jacket.   

Sorry I didn't take any pictures of me wearing the cardigans because I absolutely have no time due to my busy work life now so I did it the lazy convenient way of just taking pictures of the cardigans. The last pic is an old photo that I happen to find on my computer taken awhile back but I have a mug face so I covered it up with a heart, lol. 

What do you wear to keep warm during the winter? (If there is winter where you live) 

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