Sunday, February 2, 2014

Namie Amuro ESPRIQUE Eternal Baby-Skin CM

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog as frequently. 

Work has been keeping me busy and I'm not really having a very great week this week despite it being the Chinese New Year. I'm sick and tired and last night I had to stay at the hospital until 1:30am because there was a family emergency but everything is okay now. I'm just very tired both physically and mentally and all the stress at work is making it worse! 

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick update post on Namie Amuro's new ESPRIQUE foundation commercial called the "Eternal Baby-Skin" Which woman does not want to have eternal baby-skin? Namie Amuro makes me want to buy all the makeup products from ESPRIQUE because she makes them look so good! 

Great God this woman is ageless! I really want to know what she eats now or what kind of skincare products that she use to keep her skin looking so youthful? Namie can pass as someone who is still in her teens in this commercial. She looks soooo young! *______*

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