Friday, February 28, 2014

Outfit: Cat Print Dress

Hello lovely readers, I'm back with another outfit post from last week. I still have so many photos taken both on my actual camera and iPhone that has never even seen daylight yet because I never had time to transfer them from my iPhone and camera. Well, more of just my iPhone because I recently bought a new computer over the x'mas holidays and I haven't sycned my iPhone to iTunes since then because I need to backup all my stuff first (like remake my music playlist) before syncing my iPhone into iTunes otherwise I'd lose all my apps and photos on my phone and have no music in there! I have been transferring my photos (the ones I want to blog about and edit) the long way via emailing them to myself so I won't have to sync my iPhone to access them. And yeah that takes me sooooo long to do. I should really finish up my music playlist this weekend so that I can finally sync my iPhone and transfer all my photos to my computer because I am running out of storage space to take new photos that I have to delete old ones to take more photos, lol. Yeah, it's that bad. I seriously need to get a phone with more storage space when I upgrade to a new phone at the end of the year this year. XD

I LOVE this cat print dress that I bought from H&M back in the summer. It's actually very thick and warm so please don't think I am crazy for wearing a dress in this super cold weather. Well, maybe I am kind of crazy because I'd wear dresses all year round whether it's winter or summer, haha. But I layered it with a thin cardigan for extra warmth and wearing the cat ear headband I bought from eBay to match with the outfit. I'm just missing some cat print tattoo tights. Maybe I should get that for spring/summer. 

I went out for dinner last Friday with a friend at Mabu Station 麻布小館 which I have blogged about before. I wanted to try their famous toast bread decorated with fruits and sweets on top. 

We ordered popcorn chicken to eat as an appetizer. 

This custard pudding served in an egg was actually a free dessert we got. The restaurant has this promotion where if you go eat at the restaurant and take a picture of their food and post/share it on facebook, they will give you 4 free custard puddings. After you have posted the picture on facebook, you simply show the waitress/waiter and they will give you the free custard puddings. Isn't that such an awesome promotion?! I think that is a really cool promotion. Omg, they should have more restaurants doing this! o(≧∇≦o)

The toast bread that we ordered. We actually got a fruit mix toast bread with honey inside. It was really sweet and omg, don't let the size fool you! It might actually look small in the pictures above but it's actually quite big in person. We didn't even end up finish eating the whole toast because it was honestly too big and too much! But it was quite yummy and good! =) 

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