Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shinjuku Station & Shinjuku West

So I haven't properly showed any pictures of what I actually took in Japan! It's because I've been too lazy to go through the 2000+ pictures on my phone and camera. And to be honest I'm not quite satisfied with some of the pictures I took. While going through all my pictures, I realized I hardly took any "street snap" photos when I was in Tokyo which I had planned in mind to do. 

But sometimes I just get so mesmerized in the moment that I'm in Japan, a place that I have been dreaming and wanting to go for half my lifetime that I kind of forget about everything else. My eyes and mind is so focused on looking at the smallest details on the street, the people, the sky and all the surrounding environment that I don't even remember to take out my camera/phone to snap pictures. And also because Tokyo is quite a fast pace city that there are people everywhere you go and time is gold. It was hard to stop and take pictures in a busy area such as inside a train station or even on the street as a tourist because there are sooooooo many people walking and moving from all directions and you don't want to be in the way. 

But as a person who was visiting the city for the first time in her life, I just want to capture every moment possible and I failed to do so. =( Good thing I don't plan on visiting Tokyo just once in a lifetime so whatever I didn't get to do or take pictures of, I'll definitely keep it in mind to do so on my next trip! =)

So in this post, I'd like to share with you some street snaps (that I remember to take) of the outside of Shinjuku station and the Shinjuku west area which was where I stayed at for the most part of my trip in Tokyo.

This is the famous Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower モード学園コクーンタワ near the Shinjuku station. I don't know exactly what it is but I suppose the structure and architectural design is pretty cool. It really does look like a cocoon and I guess that's why it is named the cocoon tower, lol. I basically used this tower as a landmark to guide me back to the hotel at night when I come out from the Shinjuku station. If I see this tower then I know I took the right exit because there are over 200+ exits located inside the Shinjuku station you can easily get lost if you took the wrong exit. XD If you would like to know more about this tower, you can find out more here

And the famous LOVE sign structure located in west Shinjuku. I pass by this love sign every morning in my commute walk from the hotel to the Shinjuku station. There are ALWAYS people taking pictures in front of it day and night. I waited forever to take a clear shot of this sign without all the people in it, lol. Apparently this love sign was featured in some Japanese dramas and movies including the famous GTO drama has filmed a scene here too. 

This is what surrounds the outside of Shinjuku station. So many department stores! 

And the LUMINE EST mall located on the east side of Shinjuku. There are actually 3 malls located near Shinjuku station. Lumine 1, Lumine 2 and Lumine EST. I love this mall better than the Shibuya 109 mall. I only wish I had spend more time shopping at this mall. I wish I could show you the inside of the mall too but well taking pictures inside a mall isn't really acceptable in Japan. -___- Japan, why are you so strict on photo rules?! We tourists only want to help promote your country even more! 

Overall I really like the Shinjuku area. I am glad I have made the decision to choose a hotel in this area because there is soooooo much to see in Shinjuku. I wished I had explore the area more but I was tight on time and had too many other places to go to. There are 3 malls conveniently located right outside of the Shinjuku station and so many other department stores nearby including HALC, Odakyu, UNIQLO, Don Quijote, Yodobashi Camera, Kinokuniya Bookstore and so much more. I definitely want to stay in the Shinjuku area again in my next future trips to Tokyo. 

I also recorded a mini short video of the Shinjuku area that I have posted on my instagram account that you can WATCH HERE

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