Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas Illuminations in Japan

Lately I haven't been in the best mood because my plans to go to Japan again this coming February may not happen anymore due to the fact that I cannot find hotels available to go to the Snow Festival in Sapporo. So my friend and I have been planning to go to Sapporo in February as we both really wanted to see the Snow Festival with ice sculptures that is held there each year as well as go to the city of Otaru to visit the White Lover's Chocolate factory. However, because this snow festival is such a huge event in Sapporo that over 2 million people go there every year including about 50,000 tourists from all over the world, it was sooooo hard to find hotels with rooms available during the time the festival is happening. I started looking to book for hotels as early in October and it was already all booked! ((゚□゚;)) We're hoping to be able to go in February 2017 now since we cannot find any hotels with rooms available to go in February 2016. I may need to start booking for rooms as early as August or September for February 2017. 

With that said, I was really saddened by the fact that I won't be going back to Japan again this coming February and suddenly my heart just shattered into pieces as if it was the end of the world for me. Because that's how much I wish to be back in Japan! I have all these places that I have researched and planned to visit and things I wanted to do and it made me really sad that I won't be able to do them. It's not so much about the shopping that I miss in Japan. It's more of the presence of just being in Japan that I miss the most. Wandering in the street, being on the train, going to 711 everyday, spotting idol ads on the trains and the streets, watching and observing people in the city. I miss all of that sooooo much that my heart is aching and longing to go back again soon. Then I realize that just because things didn't go the way I have planned but that doesn't mean I should lose hope. I need to stay positive and stay focused on doing other things. 

I only have a few things left to blog about from my Tokyo trip last year and it made me sad as I don't know what I'll be blogging about after as nothing interesting happens in my daily life that is blog worthy. But then I realize there is a lot of other things I could blog about such as writing reviews for all the things I purchased from, skincare and hair products! I was so fixated in thinking about blogging about places in Japan, I forgot about all the other Japan related things I could blog about.

I have also been thinking and planning when I can go back to Japan again if my plan to go back in February 2017 fails again. I'm thinking of a possible trip go back in November or December of 2016 to see Christmas illumination lights! I have always dreamed of going to Japan during the winter time near Christmas because of the super pretty and colourful Christmas illumination lights they have all over Japan during this time. I think when it comes to Christmas illuminations, Japan definitely has the best ones in the world! 

Isn't it just beautiful?!?!?! Looking at these pictures makes me wish to be in Japan now!! (T___T)

Eventually I want to be able to go to Japan during all the seasons at least once during my lifetime. I want to be able to experience going there to see cherry blossoms in spring, hanabi (fireworks) festival during the summer, autumn leaves in the fall and Christmas illumination lights in the winter. Because when going to Japan, it is always best to go during the seasonal event times because they only happen once a year. You can always go to Japan during any other times and the places will be and look the same but it is during the once in a year time that visiting these places will look ever so magical and the most beautiful and it is definitely a memorable experience to have. 

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