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Review: Tokyu Stay Nishi Shinjuku Hotel

In this post I'll be doing a review of the hotel I stayed at during my Tokyo trip. I know it took me quite awhile to get to it but I wanted to do a very detailed and informative hotel review as possible. I did a a lot of research when I was looking for hotels and as well as finding one in a relevantly convenient area (close to the station) and close to all the places I want to visit and in the end I settled with a hotel located in the west Shinjuku area. I also thought about renting a place with airbnb but it was my first trip ever to Japan and I'm not familiar with the city at all so I was kind of scared to use air bnb. Also, I'd have difficulty finding a location to meet the person and because I was traveling alone, I didn't want to be carrying my luggage around the city. So I picked a hotel that has a airport limousine bus service that would take me to the hotel directly from the airport and avoid all the hassle of taking the train and carrying my luggage. The airport limo bus doesn't drop me off directly at the hotel I was staying at but it dropped me off at a hotel very close by (Hilton Tokyo Hotel) which was about a 5 minute walk from the Tokyu Stay hotel. 

I didn't get a chance to take any good pictures of the front lobby and entrance area of the hotel so I took these pictures from their official website. The overall design is pretty simple and clean and there is a small computer area for guests to use and as well as a area for eating breakfast in the morning. You can choose to book a hotel package plan with a breakfast meal served or buy a breakfast voucher to use for one time only. I didn't choose the breakfast package plan as I would hate to wake up extra early in the morning and be ready at a certain time just so I can eat breakfast before it ends. And since I knew there was a 711 nearby the hotel, I just buy onigiri and sandwiches at 711 for breakfast everyday. 

Right when you enter into the hotel room on the left there is a microwave, kettle, a washer/dryer machine and a small bag of detergent. A washer/dryer machine located inside your hotel room, how awesome is that?!?! It does not only wash but also dry your clothes as well. I can conveniently wash my clothes in my hotel room and have fresh cleaned clothes to wear again. I absolutely loved it! The machine was a really great size too that you can wash at least a week worth of clothes. Everything was in Japanese but there was also an instruction manual in English and Chinese so it wasn't hard to figure out how to use.  

There was also a trouser presser which you can use to iron out your clothes if they got all wrinkled up in your luggage, lol.

And on the right side of the room when you walk in there is a small closet area where you can hang your clothes, jackets, and put your shoes down below. I would hang a few outfits that I'd wear for the next day so that I don't have to dig through my luggage every time so it was pretty neat and handy to have. 

This is the small walkway area that leads into the room and the door on the left is where the bathroom is located. It's a pretty narrow walkway but not that narrow that it's hard to walk around in. Usually Japanese hotel rooms are very tiny in size unless you are willing to pay an expensive amount of money to stay in a luxury hotel with much bigger rooms. I'm not that claustrophobic so the small size didn't really bother me much and I pretty much got comfortable and immune to it after a day or two. 

Towards the end of the room on the right there is a small table with a TV and as well as work space area with a chair and a mirror where I basically turned it into vanity table to do my makeup and hair every morning and take outfit snaps, lol. 

And right below the TV table there is a small fridge where I store all the drinks and little food and snacks that I buy. I forgot to take picture of the inside of the fridge so that you can see the size of the fridge better but overall it's a pretty good decent size that you can fit quite a good amount of food in. 

Moving on to the bed area! The bed was a decent size for one person to sleep in and my only complaint is the small pillow because I'm so used to sleeping with a much bigger pillow. There is a thermostat controller located on the right hand side of the bed that turns the air conditioner on with all Japanese settings. But if you can read kanji (luckily I can) then it's pretty simple to navigate and use. Otherwise you can always call a staff at the front desk to your room to help you set the a/c to the temperature you want. 

And finally the bathroom tour! I find that the bathroom was a not too small in size but big enough to move around in. The most interesting thing about Japanese bathrooms is their toilet and the many different features it comes with such as you can make the seat warm and even wash your butt with the shower toilet. I'm not sure how or what it feels like as I never bothered to try them cuz I was too scared to try, lol. 

The best part and main highlight about my room is being able to see the view of the twin towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office from my window. It is a quite a spectacular view at night with the changing colour lights at the top of the tower. I loved opening my window curtains to stare the the view while I watch some Japanese TV. XD 

Overall I was pretty satisfied with my stay at the Tokyu Stay hotel. There were a lot of convenient shops and places nearby such as 711, a grocery store, a big drug store and even a Sukiya すき家 (fastfood chain restaurant) located about less than 5 minutes away and a McDonald's right next to the hotel. The Shinjuku JR station is located about 15 minutes walk away and the Nishi-Shinjuku Gochome Station is about a 3 minutes walk. The price is not bad either. The rates to stay at the hotel is different everyday and I stayed there for about two weeks and my rate was about $80-90/night. Most other hotels I have looked at that were within the same area was about $100-300/night which I did not have money to pay for. So overall I'd say this is a pretty good hotel to stay at if you're looking for a low budget hotel to stay for a few nights or a short 1-2 weeks. I'd come back to stay at this hotel again for any future trips to Tokyo. 

How to get to Tokyu Stay Hotel: 

Address: Tokyu Stay Nishi-Shinjuku
Nishi-shinjyuku 5-9-8, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Official website:

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