Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! This year I decided to be a neko (cat) for Halloween. I actually just wanted an excuse to wear my cat ears headband, lol. (=^.^=) 

Also at work we had a pumpkin decoration contest where we were split into teams to decorate a pumpkin and we put it up at the front lobby of the school for students to vote for the best decorated pumpkin and my team actually won! =D 

We made Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! I have actually never seen the movie. I think I should watch it tonight to celebrate our victory. XD I drew her face and my team members help painted her and did her hair. We even made a movie poster to add for the background. 

Other pumpkins made by other teams. The Drake one was really nice and artistic. It actually won 2nd place! 

How are you celebrating Halloween? Are you dressing up as anything this year? 

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