Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review: Hotel Sunroute Chiba

Time to review another hotel in Japan. This time I am reviewing a hotel that I have stayed at in Chiba for 2 days. The location is super convenient and easy to find. It is located right above from the Chiba JR station and there are many food places nearby and convenience stores like Lawson and Family Mart. 

The front lobby area to check in is really nice and spacious! 

This is what a single room looks like. It's got everything you need. TV, refrigerator, humidifier and even a full length mirror. 

The bed was actually quite big and comfy to sleep in for a single size. 

And the usual standard bathroom that looks pretty much the same in most Japanese hotels. 

But the best part is the view of Chiba city from the window in my room. Such a pretty view! 

Overall I had a pretty good stay at this hotel even though I only stayed for 2 nights. The area was great and easy to find and plus having the JR station right below the hotel was a bonous. It cost about $60-70/night for a single room which was not bad considering the location and how new the hotel looks. I'd highly recommend it if you are looking for a cheap and nice hotel to stay at in Chiba and I'd definitely book to stay at this hotel again. 

For more information and booking you can visit their official website:

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