Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review: Tokyu Stay Hotel in East Shinjuku

Another review on hotels in Japan. I stayed at the same hotel that I stayed at the first time I was in Tokyo. But this time I stayed at the new branch that opened in east Shinjuku instead. I really like the Shinjuku area because of all the department stores and shopping malls nearby, especially on the east side of Shinjuku. There's Lumine 1 & 2, Lumine EST, My Lord, Bic Camera, Uniqlo, Yodobashi Camera, Don Quiote, Marui City, Isetan and more. Also, I like how at the Shinjuku JR station, there are many trains and train lines that run through the station so it makes it even more convenient to get around to places in Tokyo and outside of Tokyo. Although sometimes it could feel quite overwhelming trying to figure out which exit to take because the station is so big and feels like you're in a huge maze. 

The new branch is located in the central of east Shinjuku. It opened in 2015 so it's still fairly new and it even has a bar/restaurant right next to the hotel. 

I stayed at a two beds room this time and layout of the room is pretty much like their other branch in west Shinjuku. I really like the small mirror table with the chair which makes doing your makeup and hair in the morning so convenient. And you have everything you need with a microwave, kettle, washer/dryer and even hangers to hang your clothes.

The washroom layout is pretty much the same but looks a bit nicer.

The two beds room is definitely a lot more spacious than a single room. I especially like the TV lounge area. 

Window view from the hotel room and Family Mart is just right across from the hotel. 

There was also these two side streets in front of the hotel with many small restaurants and shops and it looks really festive and pretty at night with all the lights and signs. The atmosphere feels kind of like you're walking in a small town in Japan. 

Overall I had a pretty good stay at this hotel and I really like the area a lot better than the one on the west side of Shinjuku. I'd want to come back to stay at this hotel again. Although the cost per night is a bit more expensive at this location than the one in the west side. You can also read my review of their other branch that I stayed at here in the west side of Shinjuku

How to get to Tokyu Stay in East Shinjuku:

Address: 3-7-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Official website:

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