Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Japanese Snacks from Tokyo

Another post on Japanese snacks and food that I bought from Japan from my most recent trip in April. I really need to dedicate a whole suitcase to just snacks and food from Japan. Because everything looks so good you want to buy them all and bring it back with you. XD

I didn't get to buy much this time around as I had limited space in my suitcase plus I already have 3 luggage and this is all I could fit in my hands free carry bag, lol. 

As usual, I always buy a box of Calbee+ fries home. These are the BEST fries ever! I decided to give their chips a try since I never bought the packaged ones in a box before as I always buy them freshly baked at the shop and eat it there. I've tried the ones they sell at the convenience stores and they are really good. I bought the roasted seasweed soy sauce flavour which was a top recommended by the staffs at the store. It was not bad but I don't think I'd buy it again. 

I finally got the try the TOKYO BANANA! I have wanted to try them for years but never had the chance to. I bought this limited edition box at the Narita airport in maple syrup flavour. The packaging is soooo cute! I love the bow on the wrapper and there are even hearts on the banana. It kind of taste like a sponge cake with maple syrup cream inside and was not bad. Although next time I'd definitely love to try a different flavour. 

And because it was actually sakura season when I was in Japan, there are soooooo many sakura theme/flavour snacks and desserts everywhere you go. But I have to say, they're really a hit or miss and these 2 did not live up to my expectations. The first box on the left side is this sakura jelly that I got from the Tokyo Tower gift shop and box on the right is a sakura daifuku mochi that I got from a department store. 

The sakura jelly did not even look like what was shown in the picture of the packaging. It also tasted like you were eating sugar. It was SO SWEET!!! I ended up throwing it away after only eating 2. (-___-")

And the sakura daifuku didn't look as appealing either and tasted kind of weird. It didn't really have the "soft" texture in mochi and was kind of hard to chew. To sum it up, sakura theme/flavour food in Japan is really just a gimmick. A lot of times they do not taste as great as it looks. So be careful and don't fall into the trap! 

I picked up this box of matcha flavour cookies from the Doraemon Museum. I really just wanted it for the pretty metal tin box that it comes in, lol. But the cookies were actually really delicious that I finished the whole box in one day. XD

And lastly I got this bag of sucking fruit candy from the convenience store in strawberry and honeydew flavour. My friend actually asked me to buy her a few bags and told me they're really good. They're kind of like those lychee jelly candy and is pretty addictive once you eat one. I actually finished eating a whole bag by myself at the hotel one night when I was in Tokyo, lol. 

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