Monday, July 2, 2018

Makeup, skincare, beauty products in Japan

Continuing from my tradition of sharing and showing new makeup, skincare and beauty products that I come across during my trip in Japan. I always find so much joy whenever I am shopping for makeup, skincare and beauty products in Japan. Even when I don't buy all the products I see, I always enjoy looking at them and discovering new products! 

I have always wanted to try KOSE ESPRIQUE products ever since I've seen Namie Amuro's commercials advertising for their makeup products. However, she's no longer the image person for the brand anymore as it has been passed on to Keiko Kitagawa. I think Keiko is very a suitable image person for the brand though and I'm loving the new commercial she has done for the makeup brand too. It definitely makes you want to buy their products especially since it looks so pretty on Keiko. She's such a natural beauty!

Speaking of Namie Amuro, I will forever miss seeing her advertisements in Japan when she retire in September this year. T__T I also really like these 1 day colour contact lenses on her. She makes them look so natural and pretty on her eyes. 

New canmake makeup products! Canmake is one of my favourite brands for makeup products, especially their eye shadow, BB cream, and concealer. Also new is a new image person advertising for the products. 

1 DAY TATOO is also a favourite brand of mine for their eyeliner products! The liquid liner is super thin and draws on to your eyelid smoothly and doesn't smudge. Discovered that there are now new lip and eyebrow products too. 

Speaking of eyeliners, my new favourite is the Love Liner liquid eyeliner. It is so popular with over 600,000 sold per year! It used to only come in black and brown but now there's even colours such as bright pink and green. The black was soooooo hard to find. It took me looking and going to quite a few drug stores before I could find one in black. 

Majolica Majorca mascaras are one of the best mascaras that I have used. And I have quite a collection of them. My favourite has still got to be the king lash mascara! 

Rola. Always love seeing her advertisement for makeup products in drug stores.

I also think Gakki is a very suitable person to advertise for the Sekkisei skincare products as she has beautiful white and smooth skin just like snow. I have used Sekkisei skincare products in the past. However, I didn't quite like them and found their cream to be rather too thick for my skin. 

Never tried Je l'aime's hair shampoo before. But Matsujun always seem to have nice hair! 

My absolute favourite eye makeup remover is by the brand Bifesta! It's super gentle and removes even waterproof makeup so easily. Spotted it on sale at Bicqlo for 598 yen only and limited to 10 per person. 

Also another one my favourite for cleanser is the SENKA Perfect Whip foam cleanser. I have been using this cleanser for years now and still loving it. I didn't buy any this time around because I still have 4 left at home and one usually last me about 8-9 months. But 348 yen is such a cheap deal!

But I did pick up this new foam cleaner that's actually in a shape of a rose. I saw a review video of it on youtube and thought it was really interesting so I wanted to get one to try. 

These steam eye masks are also my favourite and I always stock up on them. 

These Baby Foot mask are incredibly amazing at removing all the dead and dry skin off your feet. If you have really cracked and dry feet, I highly recommend using these foot mask to renew the skin on your feet and it really does feel so soft and smooth like a baby after one use. 

And these eye care wrinkles prevention mask is still my top favourite. I do them at least twice a week. 

That's all for now. Hoping to share more makeup, skincare and beauty products when I go back to Japan again. 

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