Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit: Sweet Romantic

For the last Valentine's Day outfit look, I went with the theme of "sweet romantic" with this really pretty and sweet looking white dress with a bow at the waist. I got it on sale for $22 from YesStyle 2 years ago. I love how this dress fits me almost perfectly and it really accentuate my waist and make it seem like I have a feminine figure. (If only my arms and shoulders were a bit smaller and skinnier) I always feel a bit insecure when it comes to wearing dresses that show my bare shoulders mainly because I don't think they look feminine at all with my broad shoulders and meaty back. I envy those girls with small shoulders and a boney back. Just maybe someday I'll be able to have the same feminine figure. *sigh* ;_;

I went a little matchy-matchy with the white bow at the back of my pumps that matches with the bow at the waist of my dress. Also, I happen to find these "love" gold pearl earrings that match with the love gold necklace that I'm wearing as well. I didn't realize until now that even my iPhone case matches with my whole outfit. A full out matching white outfit! Kind of looks like as if I'm attending a wedding or getting married, lol. 

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