Sunday, March 3, 2013

Outing And Forever21 Shopping

Taking a break from outfit/fashion snapshots and sharing some instagram food and shopping photos that I took with my iPhone. 

Went out with 2 friends last week to Koreatown for lunch and coffee. 

Since I don't drink coffee, I ordered a hot chocolate instead. Love the "latte art" on my hot chocolate! My friend took us to this coffee shop called "aroma" on Bathurst and Bloor. They apparently have really good pastries but I didn't get to try any because I was so full from my lunch. XD

My chicken teriyaki with rice lunch at New Generation Sushi

Did some shopping at Forever21 this week and bought this stars print light denim jacket. Perfect for layering in spring! I kept the tag on because I wasn't sure if I might change my mind and want to exchange for a smaller size. 

Actually got these cat ear headbands from eBay and not Forever21. Bought these awhile back and finally received them in the mail this week! Can't wait to wear them with my spring outfits! =D 

Got this elegant and classic looking little lace black dress from Forever21. I love that it has a collar! (Which you can't really see that well in the picture.) I was so drawn by the collar design and the lace that I just had to buy it without second thought. lol. 

And lastly I got these pretty and simple everyday wear stud earrings. I always seem to have way TOO MANY flashy big earrings that on days when I feel like keeping my outfits and accessories simple that I never have anything to wear. It's the same when I shop for clothes. I'm always forgetting about simple basics and always drawn more towards clothes that have more details with pretty designs. 

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