Friday, March 29, 2013

Maeda Atsuko & Yamapi Advertise For Hada Labo Lotion

This isn't new news anymore but I thought I should still make a post about it. Yamapi and Maeda Atsuko are chosen to be the spokesperson/image person for the Japanese brand Hada Labo skin lotion. To be honest I was quite surprised to see the two work together again after their first encounter in the drama "Ending Planner" They both look so cute and adorable in the advertisement pictures and in the commercials. And it's about time skincare companies ask Yamapi to be their image person as that man has the most beautiful flawless skin. lol. 

Hada Labo Lotion is a Japanese skincare product that is really popular due to its amazing hydrating and anti-aging properties. It is said to have a bottle sold every 4 seconds in Japan!

Hada Labo is also extremely popular because the products only use the purest ingredients for hydrating and/or lightening skin.

I was actually interested in buying products from this brand before I knew Yamapi and Maeda Atsuko would be advertising for it. I'm mostly really interested in their whitening/brightening products. I was going to try out one of their lotions too since my toner was running out but I actually bought a new one to replace it a month ago so now I have to wait until I finish that bottle to switch over to Hada Labo. I'm so excited to try the brand now! 

Here's the first commercial of Yamapi and Maeda Atsuko advertising for the lotion. 

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