Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Shopping! (Aldo Accessories and H&M)

Did more spring shopping this week from Aldo Accessories and H&M. I think I'm almost done spring clothes shopping. I just have a few more key items to get and I'm all set for spring! =D

I got these really pretty mint green, gold and pearl rings from Aldo Accessories on Friday. This is actually my first time ever buying rings in my entire life. Anybody who knows me personally would know that I am hardly ever seen wearing any rings simply because I don't like the "feeling" of having rings on my fingers. It kind of gives my fingers this very itchy and tickling feeling and I don't know why. I'll probably never wear my wedding ring when I get married in the future but instead I'll wear it on a necklace. I'm sorry future husband, you'll have to deal with this weird allergy (can it be considered as an allergy since I kind of have allergic reactions to rings?! XD) that I have, lol. However, these rings didn't give me any uncomfortable feelings at all when I tried them on and I was just so in love with them that it felt almost like it was love at first sight! I also love that the mint green, gold and pearl is a perfect colour theme for spring. It's so refreshing and with a hint of the soft girly cute look. ^___~ I finally found out what my ring size is too, which is 7 so now I know for future reference when I buy rings! XD 

Got this light blue button up dress shirt from H&M last week. I love the fabric on this shirt. It's super soft and thin that it's great for layering in the spring and summer on cold days when it's a bit chilly. I especially like how it's got a bit of stripe details on the inside of the sleeves at the bottom cuffs when you fold them up and at the back of the shirt near the collar. Also, the "patch" detail on the elbow of the sleeves is a super cute special touch add-on! 

Because I love the light blue dress shirt so much I actually went back to buy a pink version at H&M on Friday! I don't think I have anything in this light of a pink so it's a great new colour to add to my wardrobe. =) 

I was also cleaning and reorganizing my closet on Friday night. I put away all my thick heavy winter clothes and start organizing all my spring clothes. It wasn't until I started going through my spring clothes that I have found so many clothes I bought before that I have forgotten about. I've been buying some much clothes lately that I haven't actually got the time to sit down and plan how I want to wear them. Things like what do I currently have in my closet that would match with this skirt, what item am I missing to match with this top, or how can I wear this top in ways to create 3 different outfits and make the best use of it? These are the kind of things I usually ponder about after I buy clothes home. I also always go by the rule of how can I match this top/skirt to create 3 different outfit looks whenever I go shopping for clothes. If I can't think of at least 2 other ways of wearing the top/skirt then I usually pass on getting the item. It really helps to save me money in the long run because I absolutely hate buying clothes that you can only wear once in one way and no other. I try to avoid making purchases on clothes like such unless I really like the top! It just really makes me feel like I wasted my money and not really getting for my money's worth. Always shop smart and save and not buying whatever appeals to the eye.  

Another big thing I want to take into consideration while shopping for spring/summer clothes this year is colour. I'm trying to buy clothes in colours that I currently don't have. Colours such as purple, mint green, red and yellow. I also want to consider trying new styles too and not buying too much of the same material or style/type of clothes. For example, I have 3 long tulle skirts for summer in almost the same colour. I think this summer I want to focus more on getting shorts in different colours with unique patterns and prints on them rather buying more skirts that all look the same. I need less of the "same" type of clothes in my closet and more variety. I just feel that I tend to get sick and tired of my clothes more easily when they're all looking somewhat the same. I need a change for once this year! I think I might need to write myself these friendly "shopping tips and reminders" on my iPhone notes just so I don't forget them when I go shopping. LOL. =P

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  1. I know what you mean. Personally, I hate the feeling of rings too. D: I must agree that the rings are gorgeous though <3

    The dress shirt look gorgeous too. The pink is extra cute! :3

    I've been trying to avoid impulsive buying too. And I'm also trying to avoid buying outfits with the same colors and styles. Which is actually kinda hard. XD


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