Friday, March 15, 2013

Shiseido Benefique Skincare Line

Left: Yuri Ebihara (Japan's famous top model) Right: Melodee Morita (Japanese American ballet dancer and YouTube Artist) at the SHISEIDO Benefique Launch Party in NYC.

Earlier this week I watched a video by YouTube artist Melodee on the new Shiseido Benefique skincare line launch party in NYC. (Click here to watch Melodee's vlog video on youtubeI was truly amazed and shocked! Amazed by how stunningly beautiful Yuri Eibhara looks in person and shocked because Melodee got to meet one of Japan's top famous model!

I've been a huge fan of her! Yuri Ebihara always looks stunningly beautiful with flawless and radiant perfect baby skin. I can't believe she's currently 33 years old but looks as if she's only 23! I used to follow her in Japanese fashion magazines when she was still modeling for CanCam (a Japanese fashion magazine that focuses on OL/business fashion for girls in their early to mid 20's) and then she left to model for AneCam (Japanese fashion magazine that focuses on OL/business fashion for women in their early to mid 30's) She has what I call the definition of "perfect" skin. I wish I could have beautiful flawless radiant and baby smooth skin like her when I reach her age. She has the perfect skin of every girl/woman's dream! ♥_♥

The new Shiseido Benefique skincare line focuses on improving skin to make it look more radiant and smooth and as well as making skin to look more youthful! They sell a variety range of products from cleansers to toners, special treatment creams and even whitening products! You can learn more about their products here on their English American website and more on their official Japanese website

I don't think I have much of a need for this skincare line as of yet, but I'd definitely need it in a few years down the road! XD So for now I'm writing this post as sort of a "future reference" for me to look back on when I need some anti-aging products after I turn 30! LOL. 

Some pictures of Yuri Ebihara from the official Japanese Shiseido Benefique website. She is sooooooo pretty like an angel! If I could trade faces and have anyone's face it'd definitely be her. So much perfection that is seems so surreal. She's like a dreamy goddess! SOOOOO PRETTY. 

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