Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Diet Tips To Stay Fit & Skinny

It's finally spring here! 

With the warm weather approaching, it means it's time to dig out those skirts and shorts for spring and summer. Spring also means it's time to start training that body to look fit and good for the summer. It's time for me to part and say goodbye to all those extra fat and weight I have gained during the winter. 

A lot of people have been asking me how do I stay skinny and keep my fit figure. I especially get asked this question a lot at work. People tell me I always look the same for years but that's not really true. I do gain a little weight and fat here and there but it's just not that noticeable. I think lately the most noticeable part of fat/weight gain is on my face. I feel like a double chin is growing! )"0"( 

I wouldn't say I'm an extremely skinny person but average. I have parts of my body that I dislike and where I tend to build up fat the most. I'm pretty sure all girls have the same problem. We just never seem to be satisfied with our body and there's always areas where we want to improve on to attain that "perfect" body. I mostly gain fat around my upper arm, back, shoulders and the side of my chest. This has always been something I'm very self-conscious about and this year I plan to jog daily to hopefully tone them down to a desire figure that I want. 

Since we're on the topic of getting fit, I'll share some diet tips of what I do to maintain my figure. It's not really anything special but just certain rules and eating habits that I go by. 

#1: I always eat fruits and vegetables everyday.

I'm pretty much a fruits lover. I eat fruits pretty much on a daily basis and cannot go on a day without eating fruits. I usually eat fruits about 2-3 times a day. I used to dislike eating vegetables and would always only eat meat. However, that has changed ever since about 5-6 years ago and no matter what I'd always try to add a bit of greens to my food. 

#2: Eating meals at the time you're suppose to.

This is one of the rules I always go by. I think anyone who knows me personally would know that I cannot skip my meals. If I ever skipped a meal and not eat then you'd know that there's definitely something wrong with me. lol. I always try to eat lunch during lunch hours between 12-1pm and sometimes at 2pm if my work schedule does not allow me to go on an earlier lunch break. But I usually never eat lunch after 2pm and eating lunch at 3pm is definitely a big no for me. As for dinner I always try to eat in between the time of 6-7:30pm. Anytime past that like 8-9pm would be an extreme late dinner for me and I'm usually too hungry to wait that long. I also take snack breaks in between my meals and I tend to feel hungry again every 2-3 hours after each meal. That's because I have pretty fast metabolism and also because I always eat until I'm only 80% full and not 100% so that my body can digest food much faster. So on average, I can actually eat about 5-6 meals a day. 

#3: I drink water daily!

I drink water practically on a daily basis due to my work where I need to be talking to people everyday. I rarely ever drink pop or any type of soda drink unless I go out to eat dinner or eat fastfood which is something that I rarely do. Other than water, the only drinks that I drink mostly would be tea or soy bean milk. 

#4: I eat chocolate and chips about a few times in a year.

Chocolates and chips are not really my favourite type of food. I rarely ever eat chocolates unless they are gifts given to me. But then again I'm one of those girls who would rather receive flowers than chocolates on valentine's day. The reason being is I tend to breakout whenever I consume a large amount of chocolates and chips and pimples are not pretty on the face and especially those huge zits! lol. But that doesn't mean I don't ever eat junk food. I just like to find better alternatives like lower calorie cookies and healthy biscuits to munch on.

#5: I eat fastfood about only a few times a year.

A lot of people ask me how do I stay away from eating fastfood. The answer is very simple...I'm super cheap! LOL. Fastfood is extremely expensive nowadays and not to mention how unhealthy it is. I can't believe a combo meal at McDonald's can cost almost $10 now!!! I still remember how you can buy a combo for only under $5 and now it is almost impossible. If I had to choose I'd probably spend my money buying clothes than to buy fastfood on a daily basis. XD And I don't really know why but I have pretty high resistance where I don't really crave for fastfood. I don't even remember when was the very last time I ever had pizza...probably over a year ago? lol.

#6: I treat myself to yummy desserts once in awhile.

Desserts are my ultimate weakness. If there is anything that I could and want to eat everyday it'd be dessert! Ice cream, crepes and cakes. Oh my goodness heaven. However because these food can be very fattening and high in calories, I give myself treats to them once in awhile when I feel like I deserve to be spoiled for a day or two. But honestly I *drool* like crazy whenever I see yummy desserts. XD

What are your diet tips and eating habits? 

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