Sunday, April 28, 2013

Japanese Restaurant: Don Don Izakaya

Went out for dinner on Friday night with a friend to Don Don Izakaya. I finally got to try this restaurant! Ate a lot of yummy food. =D

My thoughts: I like this restaurant more than Guu. Why? Because they have much more variety of food to choose from than Guu and the atmosphere seem to be much better. It's not as loud as it is at Guu and you can actually talk to people and be able to hear them while eating. I also like how Don Don Izakaya have individual rooms where you can reserve to have some quiet private time with friends. I'd really like to try eating in a private room with a big group of friends. Overall my experience at the restaurant for the first time was pretty good. My favourite was actually their dessert! First time trying taro ice cream and to my surprise it was really good! Definitely want to go back for their dessert. ♥ My only complain would be the service can be a little slow. It wasn't really that busy at the restaurant as my friend and I were there quite early for dinner but there were a few times when we wanted to get the attention of the waiter/waitress and it took us a few attempts to actually get them to serve us. Other than that, everything else about the restaurant seems to be pretty good and I'd recommend it if you haven't been there. =) 

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