Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Shoes and Bags From Yeswalker

So about two months back, I discovered this new online shop "yeswalker" that sells quite a variety of shoes and bags with great promo deals and FREE worldwide shipping!!!

I first saw the ad for the website on my own blog at the side bar on the right. Talk about effective advertisement huh? My eyes were caught on guard by the "buy one get one FREE + free worldwide shipping" sign on their ad that I just had to check the website out. lol. And I am soooooo glad that I did because it is now my new favourite website to buy shoes and bags from. 

How it works: Customers who purchase one item may choose a second item of equal or lesser value for free. Prices of free items will be automatically adjusted to “FREE” once added to the customer’s Shopping Bag.

OMG isn't that like the BEST deal ever?! Not only do you get the second item for free but you also get free shipping!!! This is by the far the only online shop website I know that offers this. Totally the most awesome deal if you ask me. With the two awesome good deals, I was pretty much sold and I was off on the site looking at what I should order/buy from there. LOL! XD

In the end I decided to buy two pair of boots and got TWO FREE BAGS on my purchases on 2 separate orders. 

On my first order, I got a pair of slightly above ankle length black lace boots with some rhinestones and spikes at the side. I'm really into spikes lately and I don't have any boots in this particular style and I thought they would be good to wear in the spring/summer on days when I feel like being a little funky and playful edgy with my outfits. And since I can get a second item for FREE, I decided to get this super versatile black shoulder hobo bag with different and detachable straps in which you can wear the bag in 3 different ways!! Omg I absolutely love love love this bag sooooo much. It was like love at first sight and I just had to get it! I also super love the simple sleek design with the gold chains and zippers. So stylish and fashionable!!! ♥_♥ The boots cost $68 and the bag was $58 but I got it for free so in total I only paid $68 for the boots and bag + free shipping. Omg best deal ever! =D

And this is what the items look like when I got them in the mail. Pretty much 100% like what was shown on the website and the quality is great too! 

For my second order, I got the same pair of rhinestones and spikes lace ankle boots but in beige. I couldn't find any other boots that I like in a different style and because I like the black version so much and I also have a lot of black boots and not much beige so I decided to get another pair in a different colour to match outfits with. And for my second FREE item, I got another versatile light cream beige bag with a bow accessory piece and brown straps. The bag can be worn as a side shoulder bag or you can actually attach the straps at the back and wear it as a backpack. Isn't it just so cute and unique?! I LOVE THIS BAG! I don't have any bags in this colour and style and it's just perfect for the summer! =) Again the boots were $68 and the bag was $42 and I got it for $68 in total for both the boots and bags + free shipping!

What the bag actually looks like. Pretty identical and similar to what is shown online. 

Overall I'd highly recommend this site to my friends and readers who are reading this and I'd definitely be making more future purchases from the website. FREE second item and worldwide shipping, who wouldn't like that?! =P

Price: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5

What are you waiting for? GO ORDER NOW!!! I feel like I am promoting the site for them and yet I don't get paid to do it, lol. But really I just want to share this awesome online shop website that I have discovered with you and hope you can enjoy shopping there as much as I do. ^____^ 

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