Thursday, April 25, 2013

Black Wedge Sneakers

Last week on Friday I finally purchased my first pair of wedge sneakers! They've been in trend and style in Japan for the past few years now and the trend doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. I thought it'd be a great opportunity to get a pair for the summer this year. Consistently seeing them appear in Japanese magazines and on tumblr has made me want to get them sooo badly. I originally went into to Aldo to look for them but they were a bit pricey in the range between $70-90 for a pair. I didn't want to spend so much money on pair of shoes that I'll only be using simply for "matching" outfits with. I own about 50 pair of shoes by now (okay maybe that's an exaggeration...I think I may have over 20 pair of shoes. I didn't really count them, lol) and only wear the same 2-3 pairs on a daily/yearly basis and the rest I just keep them in my closet to collect dust, lol. But I remembered that I have seen these wedge sneakers being sold at Ardene for a much cheaper price at $40 and decided to go check if they had any in stock. Luckily they still have some left and I ended up getting a pair in size 7 that fits a bit loose on me. I'm a size 5 and it is almost impossible for me to find shoes here in Canada that will fit me perfectly. Sucks having small feet! The only place I can find shoes in my size would be in Asia. However, they didn't fit that big on me that they'd fall off if I walk in them so I guess it's bearable.

I'm quite satisfied with my purchase overall other than the a little big size matter. I love how at the back of heels there are even studs attached to add a bit more of a "funky edgy" look to it. I think I might want to get a pair in white for the summer just so I have colour variety to match outfits with, lol. 

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