Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shopping: Forever21 and Conair Youcurl Curling Iron

Sorry for the lack of updates. I started a new job this week so I was super busy with training and then I'm usually sooooo tired after I get home that I just pass out on my bed. lol. Also, I caught a bit of a cold on Friday morning when I woke up with a sore throat and really warm body. Coincidentally my mom also woke up to a sore throat the same morning and my brother was already sick with a cold a few days ago. It must be him spreading the cold to me and my mom and surprisingly my dad seems fine. So right now my entire family is sick except for my dad. I also blame it on the non-stop rain we've been having and the super cold and windy weather this entire week. It was actually SNOWING on Thursday like wtf?! It NEVER snows in April here in Toronto. Talk about global warming. -____-" Also I've only had about 3.5 hours of sleep both on Monday and Tuesday this week so I was basically feeling like a zombie at work everyday and falling asleep! (x_x)zzz

This super gloomy and rainy weather isn't helping much either. I can't wait for warm sunshine weather that probably won't come until May because it still shows on the weather network that it will be raining all week next week and the week after. OMG! I can't stand this raining and gloomy dark weather anymore. It literally puts me to sleep and makes me sooooooo tired! X____X I can't even go out to JOG in this super dark gloomy rainy weather either. Ughhhhh. Not cool! >=(

Anyway, I did some shopping earlier this week when I got off work early and bought a few things. I actually just went out to do some more shopping for notebooks, sticky pads, pens, highlighters and etc today to get ready for my official first work shift on Monday next week. lol. Trying to prepare myself and I still need to write and make notes tomorrow so that I don't freak out and have a panic attack because I know I won't remember or know what I'm suppose to do. It's better to be prepared with notes than to be panicking with a mental breakdown. XD 

Bought this light denim jeans shirt with some pearls on the collar and the side shoulders from Forever21 yesterday after work. It was the LAST one on the rack. I just so happen to find it/see it. Lucky me! =D I wanted to get this shirt before and it was sold out at another Forever21 that I went to. So happy that I actually found it yesterday! =)

Also picked up this light mint green sweater yesterday at Forever21. I absolutely LOVE the colour! I've been obsessed with mint lately. I still need to get mint jeggings and I'm currently still in search for a mint colour hi-lo maxi skirt/dress for spring and summer. 

And I finally bought the Conair Youcurl curling iron that every YouTube guru has been raving about!!! It also won the #1 curling device in Canada and when I paid for this at the cashier in Wal-Mart, the cashier lady told me this is like the BEST curling iron invented. OMG. That makes me super excited to try curling my hair with it. It's actually not that expensive too. Only $37.96! =D I first discovered this curler when I watched a video someone doing a tutorial on how to curl their hair with the curling iron and I was sooooo amazed by the results!!! It creates very 3D and voluminous bouncy curls in which my current babybliss curling iron can't do because there's a clamp on the curler. This curler does not have a clamp so therefore you can curl your hair more precisely and freely to create longer lasting curls! 

Here's a video demonstration by Jen (clothesencouters) on YouTube on how to curl your hair with it. I LOVE THIS GIRL AND HER VIDEOS! She has the most awesome fashion sense and styling tips! 

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