Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Kao Rose Scent Steam Eye Mask

About two weeks ago I received my package of beauty supplies that I ordered from YesStyle. I picked up 4 boxes of My Beauty Diary mask along with a steam eye mask by Kao in rose scent. I have wanted to try this mask for a long time to cure my super dried and tired eyes from lack of sleep and long periods of time in front of a computer. 

Info on the eye mask: Dry and easy-to-use eye masks relieve eye strain and stress caused by too much computer use or too little sleep. Self-heating masks relax tired eyes with warm and soothing steam, while the delicate rose scent delights the senses. Safe and convenient, simply open the pack when ready to use and slip over closed eyes. Lean back and keep eyes shut for 10-15 minutes before removing eye mask.

The mask was very simple to use. You basically just open the pack and slip it over with your eyes closed. I laid on my bed and put the mask on for about 10 minutes and set a timer on my iPod while I listened to music to pass the time. The rose scent was a bit strong at first when I put the eye mask on but it slowly gets lighter. The eye mask also slowly warms up to 40 degree and it really relax and sooth my eyes. I can see a difference in my eyes from before and after I used the eye mask. My eyes look much more moisturized and refreshed! I would probably get more when I do run out and finish using the current box that I bought. Overall it's a pretty relaxing and soothing eye mask for curing tired eyes, especially on those nights where I feel like my eyes are burned and dried out. My only complain would be the price, it could be a little cheaper at $15. But overall I'd say the mask is pretty good for what it serves to do! =)

And because YesStyle was having this promo sale on where if you buy 4 boxes of My Beauty Diary mask, you will get $15 off so that means each box was only $10 and not $15 at original price! So I got the black pearl and strawberry yogurt mask (my two favourites) along with a pack of aloe and bulgarian white rose mask. =)

And lastly this is unrelated to this post but I wanted to show my new "mori girl" princess style iPhone case that I got on eBay last week. I've been wanting to get a iPhone case with a front cover to protect my phone from getting dusty and dirtied when I put my phone in my purse or jacket pocket. This is perfect! It's so girly and pink that it's just soooo me. lol. 

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