Thursday, January 16, 2014

Outfit: Houndstooth Skirt

Hello, just a quick and short blog post on an outfit that I have submitted for a contest to become an ambassador for a Japanese brand. What brand you ask? I don't know if I should reveal it now or wait until I win the contest or get selected to become an ambassador (which I hope I will) but can you guess from the fashion style and makeup look I am wearing?

I'm wearing the same houndstooth skirt that I got from YesStyle in this post here. It somehow looks bigger on me than it does on the model shown in the pictures and the model is even skinnier than me! o_O I also realized after I was trying to find a top to match this skirt with that I don't have very many tight fitted black tops and this was the only one that I could find in my closet. It fits rather loose on me too so it doesn't quite go well with the skirt since the skirt already looks a bit big on me and it doesn't really flatter my body much and looks as if I have no curves. -___- I need to go shopping for some tight fitted black tops to wear this skirt with. Sigh, the dilemma of getting new clothes because you don't have anything to match them with. >__< 

Anyway, as an ambassador of this Japanese brand, my job would be to promote the brand by writing blog posts about the brand. Anything from the clothes to their makeup, events and special sales, and as well as posting outfits coordinates I put together from the brand's clothing. I would also receive a special discount off their clothes as an ambassador and get to attend their fashion shows in Japan. Omg, free trip to Japan and attend a fashion show, who wouldn't like that?! I am currently still waiting on them to reply back to me if I win or not so please wish me the best of luck! ^____^ 

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