Sunday, January 12, 2014

Outfit: Otsuka Ai Inspired White Winter Scarf Outfit

It's been yet again so long since my last update. I have been meaning to write a new blog post but I got sooooo busy with work in the start of January that I had no time to do anything. Like seriously, I didn't even have time to sleep. I was running on 4 hours of sleep everyday for 2 weeks straight. My body feels so exhausted!!! Hopefully work will be a little less busy in the upcoming weeks so I can get more rest and get on with actually doing some of my new year resolutions. Like exercising daily and take at least one self-portrait for this month. 

I also noticed that I have gained a few new followers on bloglovin' while I was away and haven't been able to update my blog. So I just want to say a warm hello to my new followers and thanks for following my blog! (o^__^o)v

Anyway, I wanted to share this outfit I put together that's extremely comfy and warm to wear on those cold days during the winter for a home/room wear kind of look. I was actually inspired by Otsuka Ai's outfit in a music show where she performed the song "Pocket". I modified the outfit a bit since I didn't have the exact same things she wore for the performance but I tried to be as close as I could get in mimicking it with what I have in my closet. 

I actually only realized this after I took all my outfit snaps that I forgot to wrap my scarf around my neck once. No wonder I thought it looked a bit strange when I finally imported my photos to my computer to edit them. *total fail* LOL! And I tried to wrap my hair up in a bun and couldn't get it to work. I have very fine, thin and light weight hair. It takes about over 20 pieces of hair put together to make a strand of a hair for me so you can imagine how thin my hair is. I also have no volume to my hair at all and I have very little hair to begin with. When I tried to tie my hair up to make it into a bun, my bun ended up being the size of my thumb finger. It looked as if I have no hair at all! I tried to make it into a bun for about 30 minutes and couldn't get my hair into a big bun and in the end I just decided to leave it in a pony tail instead. But actually even Otsuka Ai doesn't have enough hair to create that voluminous and big bun she has on top of her head. It is actually a fake hair bun that she has on top of her head. I love how she's wearing this really long scarf with feathers attached to them that make it so pretty and winter-y. I didn't have white feathers to attach to my scarf so I wore these white with black polkadots feather earrings that I have. It was as close as I could get! Here are some screencaps from Otsuka Ai's performance outfit for you to compare. 

I love her sparkly gold makeup for the performance too. Comment below to tell me what you think of this outfit look or what you would change or add to the outfit! =)  

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