Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Odaiba: Fuji TV Building

Odaiba! Such a beautiful place to visit that it ended up being my favourite place in Tokyo. I only visited Odaiba for a day and I still didn't manage to go to all the places I wanted to. There is simply so much to do in Odaiba that spending a day there was not enough. I could possibly stay there for 3 whole days if I could. The first place I went to visit in Odaiba was the Fuji TV Building. This is a must visit place if you are a fan of Japanese dramas as it is the headquarters of Fuji Television and also where they record most of the popular programs such as SMAPXSMAP, VS ARASHI, Mezamashi TV and more. Also, Yamapi's Otona no Kiss Eigo show is also recorded there. I was hoping to maybe run into him while strolling inside the building that he would also there for recording on the same day I was there. Sadly, luck was not on my side and I did not see any sight of him. =( And to make things worse, most part of the building was closed down on the day when I visited due to a national holiday in Japan the day before. The Fuji TV Building is actually normally closed on a Monday from public visit but it was a national holiday on that Monday during the week so they closed the building on the following next day on Tuesday instead (which was the day of my visit) and I didn't get a chance to visit all the places I wanted to. 

The first thing I did when I got to the Fuji TV Building was head to the information counter to grab a map of building and that was when I was informed by the kind information staff that the building is closed for visit except for the 1st and 7th floor. So I took the long glass tunnel escalators up to the 7th floor to see what was still open for me to explore. 

The wonder street on the 5th floor which was a place where you could visit the actual sets used in the TV programs such as SMAPXSMAP and VS ARASHI. I wanted to visit it so badly but it was closed! Perhaps next time when I go back to Tokyo for another visit to Odaiba. 

The spherical observation room where you get to see the whole view of Odaiba which I also didn't get a chance go up there. 

On the 7th floor there wasn't much to see except for the roof garden and the One Piece Restaurant Baratie. I suppose it would be worth visiting and eating there if you are of a fan of the anime. I didn't eat there so I just did a quick stroll around and headed back down the the 1st floor to visit the Fuji TV drama and movie plaza.

And then while strolling around on the first floor. I found this Chibi Maruko-chan gold plate machine where you could get one for 100 yen only! You get to choose from 3 different designs for the gold plate and I got one of Chibi Maruko-chan with the Fuji TV Building. 

Chibi Maruko-chan and Laugh UFO catcher machines. So cute! I didn't attempt to play them because knowing me and my luck I wouldn't win anything anyway and it would just be money wasted!

Posters of upcoming dramas to be airing in October 2014 on Fuji Television. I watched FIRST CLASS 2 and Dear Sisters after I returned from my trip.

They had a lot of stuff on display for HERO 2 inside the Fuji TV drama and movie plaza including the drama script and the drama set of the law department office in the drama.

Right next to the HERO 2 drama display they also had some magazines and scripts from the drama FIRST CLASS which is actually a quite good drama about fashion. 

And more HERO 2 drama merchandies and even food! Though I question whether if the food is any good, lol. The fries looked so fake to me. 

You can learn more about the Fuji TV Building and find directions on how to get there from their website.

Official site:

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