Friday, March 6, 2015

Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 in Ikebukuro

The Evangelion Store was one of the most anticipated places I want to visit when I was in Tokyo as it was one of the animes I grew up watching as a kid, mainly influenced by my brother who is a huge fan of the anime. If you are unfamiliar with anime, Evangelion is actually an extremely popular anime in Japan. But I was actually quite disappointed with how small the new store was and how little merchandises they have at the store. There are actually two Evangelion stores in Tokyo with one located in Hakone. The original store in Tokyo used to be in Harajuku and it was much bigger with two floors but they closed it down and moved to Ikebukuro instead. When I visited the store, it was just newly opened at the P'Parco mall in Ikebukuro. But despite its smaller size in comparison to the old location, it is still worth a visit if you are a fan of the anime. 

In Japan, even fashion items from the anime are extremely popular that there is a whole market for them. Evangelion fashion, anyone? lol. I would totally wear those red boots from Asuka! 

So my brother asked me to get him a Asuka figurine from the store and I showed him a picture of this amazing looking Asuka figurine but he didn't want to buy it anymore after I told him the price, lol. I don't remember correctly what the actual price was but it was somewhere close to $200 CAD. She does look quite dashing and badass with that sword though I must say. XD

In the end I got him one of these NERV cups because it was the only thing he could afford to get, lol.

The outside of the P'Parco mall which was under renovation at the time during my visit.

The Evangelion store is located on the 2nd floor. Be sure to check it out if you happen to be at the P'Parco mall as it is only a short walking distance from Ikebukuro station. Beside going to the Evangelion store, I also shopped around for clothes in the mall and found a few stores that I like and prices were not bad either. I would definitely go back for a second visit on my next future trips.

Spotted this Evangelion bus while walking in Shinjuku and couldn't resist to not take a picture. 

Random Chibi Maruko-chan 小丸子 ad on the street of Ikebukuro. So nostalgic! I used to love watching this cartoon show on TV when I was kid. Still love watching this show even now.

J-world Tokyo! I wanted to go there too for the Dragon Ball theme park they have but didn't get a chance to.

Ikebukuro station and platform. There is something so fascinating about standing on the platform waiting for the trains in Japan. I just love to stand on the platform and watch the trains come. I could possibly spend an whole hour standing on the platform just watching trains go by, lol. I especially like standing on the platforms for the JR trains because it's actually located above the ground and I just love staring at the scenery around the station and the all the cool and amazing Japanese advertisements. XD

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