Sunday, February 15, 2015

Food & Drink Adventures in Japan

Just a short post with a compilation of some food and drinks I have tried and eaten during my trip in Japan. I definitely have tried and eaten more food than this but most likely forgot to take a picture of them before I started eating the food, lol. I really miss the food in Japan, especially all the cheap and yummy combini food that you can buy from the convenience stores. Everyday I'd visit the convenience store or grocery store to look for new things to try! 

Onigiri! I bought almost one everyday at 711. They are cheap and yummy and make a great breakfast! So many different flavours to choose from too but my favourite is the plum onigiri.

These sandwiches with fillings inside that I found at the 711 are also really good. I tried this pumpkin cream flavour for Halloween. 

I always see this famous milk tea in Japanese dramas and I made it a goal to try it when I'm in Japan. It is soooooo good I could drink it everyday. I always keep a bottle in the fridge at the hotel.

Another one of the food I wanted to try in Japan was their McDonald's. I got a shrimp burger and these two chicken balls that was actually something new that they had. 

Takoyaki from the famous Gindaco shop in Harajuku. 

Ramen was something I ate the most when I was in Japan because they're so cheap. When I am not visiting a museum or going to any restaurant or cafe in particular that day, I would just go into a ramen shop for a quick and cheap meal for lunch. It saves money if you are traveling on budget and there are so many different ramen shops that you can try in Japan. 

And of course I made sure to try freshly baked calbee fries when I was in Japan. They are the BEST fries in the world! I got a combo set with fries and chips with ice cream and a drink. I wanted to eat more of this when I was in Japan but sadly I was breaking out with pimples all over my face that I didn't want to eat too much fried stuff that will give me even more pimples than I already have. T_T 

Aside from eating ramen, bento boxes from the convenience store was what I had for dinner most of the time when I don't stay out late. The bento boxes sold at the convenience stores are actually really good and cheap and there is quite a good selection to choose from. 

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