Sunday, February 1, 2015

Makeup, skincare, beauty products in Japan

Just doing a short post of some makeup, hair, skincare and beauty products that I took pictures of while shopping in Japan. I have been to several drugstores and department stores a number of times during my trip. Each time I go into them, I'm always so fascinated by all the makeup and beauty products that I see. Ah, I miss shopping at the drugstores in Japan! Even if I am not buying anything in there, I can still spend hours staring at all their products. (。♥‿♥。) I'll share in another post later of what I bought in Japan.

Matsumoto Jun advertising for a shampoo called Je l'aime was one of the first things I saw in Japan on my first official day out when I decided to check out the drugstore nearby my hotel. 

Namie Amuro advertising for Oleo D'or hair shampoo. I bought a small sample of this hair shampoo to try and absolutely fell in love with it. It made my hair feel so smooth and silky!!!

Sailormoon makeup!

Spotted hada labo face lotion but in Hello Kitty version, lol.

Also spotted these Snoopy products. Japan seems to be big on characters even in beauty products! XD

Spotted Yamapi's ad for hada labo moisturizer at a drugstore nearby my hotel. 

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